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Kiel Fjord – An approximately 17 km long, narrow fjord on the Baltic Sea, which extends from its southern end, the Kiel Hörn next to the city center of Kiel, to the outer fjord and merges into the Kiel Bay.

At Falckenstein Beach , the “Friedrichsorter Enge”, the fjord, which forms a natural deep-water harbour, is only 1 km wide and was formerly secured by Friedrichsort Fortress. The Friedrichsort lighthouse is also located here.

At Neumühlen-Dietrichsdorf on the east bank, the river Schwentine flows into the fjord. In Kiel-Holtenau on the west bank are the locks of the Kiel Canal (NOK; international name Kiel Canal, until 1948 in Germany Kaiser Wilhelm Canal). There is always lively shipping traffic on the Kiel Fjord: you can see, among other things, merchant ships that pass through the Kiel Canal, car and passenger ferries to and from Scandinavia (Stena Line and Color Line), ferries operated by the SFK (tug and ferry company Kiel), sailing and motor boats, naval ships in Tirpitzhafen Kiel and much more.

On the western shore of the Kiel Fjord stretches around three kilometers long Kiellinie, a waterfront promenade with an unobstructed view of the ships sailing by in the Fjord.

On the east bank of the fjord there are shipyards (German Naval Yards and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, formerly HDW and Germania shipyard), the naval arsenal in Kiel, the mouth of the Schwentine, the Ostuferhafen and in Laboe the naval memorial and the submarine U 995.

Fjord towns & districts of Kiel on the east bank

  • Heidkate, community Wisch near Schönberg in the Probstei on the Baltic Sea with camping Heidkoppel, Kolberger Heide, Heidkate beach, Heidkate beacon

  • Wendtorf, community in the Probstei in the district of Plön consisting of the two districts Marina Wendtorf and Wendtorfer Strand; Wendtorf marina, harbor promenade, Wendtorf nature experience area and Bottsand nature reserve

  • Stein, community in the provost in the district of Plön; recognized resort with Steiner Strand, Stein cliffs and Steiner Molle

  • Baltic Sea resort Laboe, community in the provost in the district of Plön; Place of residence and holiday around 12 kilometers north-east of the state capital Kiel; Marina Laboe: two marinas with over 700 berths, fishing port and commercial port; most popular sights are naval memorial and submarine U 995; Laboe beach with fine sandy beach and promenade; The Laboe pier is used by the ships of the Kiel towing and ferry company (Förde ferry line F1, direct connection by ferry from Kiel to Laboe)

  • Möltenort, District of the community Heikendorf with fishing and sports harbor and the submarine memorial Möltenort

  • Heikendorf, Municipality in the district of Plön with around 8,200 inhabitants; State-approved seaside resort since 1967

  • Kitzeberg, District of the municipality of Heikendorf with Kitzeberger Bay and Kitzeberg Golf Club

  • Mönkeberg, Municipality in the district of Plön with around 4,100 inhabitants; SFK pier Mönkeberg, marina

  • Neumühlen-Dietrichsdorf, District of Kiel with around 12,000 inhabitants; Ostuferhafen (freight port and ferry port), Kiel University of Applied Sciences; Worth seeing: Dietrichsdorfer Strand, media dome of Kiel University of Applied Sciences, computer museum of Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Howaldtsche Metallgiesserei industrial museum, furnace museum

  • Wellingdorf, District of Kiel with around 8,000 inhabitants; Kiel sea fish market, southern Schwentine estuary

  • Ellerbek, District of Kiel with around 6,000 inhabitants, former fishing village; Location of the naval arsenal Arsenalbetrieb Kiel on the Kiel Fjord

  • Gaarden-Ost, District of Kiel with almost 18,000 inhabitants, traditional Kiel shipyard location, location of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS, formerly HDW and Germania shipyard; Norwaykai (port quay and ferry terminal of the Color Line ferry); Kiel Youth Hostel, Hörnbrücke (pedestrian and cyclist bridge, triple-span bascule bridge worth seeing)

Förde towns & districts of Kiel on the west bank

  • Kiel center with its three districts bordering directly on the fjord: southern cemetery (Kieler Hörn), suburb (from the Hörnbrücke to Schwedenkai, pier of the Stena Line) and old town (wall, maritime museum, Kiel Castle to the Ostseekai and the beginning of the Kiellinie)

  • Düsternbrook with Kiellinie, Blücherbrücke, Krusenkoppel, Parliament, Düsternbrooker Geholz, Olympic port Düsternbrook, Institute for World Economics, Kiel Yacht Club, Seebad Düsternbrook, Seebar Düsternbrook to the Naval Base Kiel-Wik in the adjacent district Wik

  • Wik, the second largest district of Kiel, is also characterized by the maritime character of its location on the fjord, the Kiel naval base Tirpitzhafen (berth of the sailing training ship Gorch Fock), the Scheerhafen as well as the adjacent Kiel Canal and the lock system of the canal

  • Holtenau, District on the Kiel Canal, at the end of the canal, the lock system, the Holtenau high bridges, the Kiel Airport on the Kiel Fjord. Also worth seeing in Holtenau are the Tiessenkai, Holtenau lighthouse, Schleuseninsel and the Adler I canal ferry, with which you can cross the Kiel Canal free of charge on foot or by bike.

  • Pries, Kiel district with the Stickenhörn sports harbor and the Falckensteiner Strand landing stage, the beach area at the lighthouse level to the south belongs to the Friedrichsort district of Kiel

  • Friedrichsort, Kiel district and completely surrounded by the Kieler Förde and the district of Pries; Location of the Lindenau shipyard and Caterpillar (formerly MaK, mechanical engineering Kiel; Falckensteiner Strand (southern section of the beach) with Friedrichsort lighthouse and Friedrichsort fortress

  • Schilksee, northernmost part of Kiel on the west bank of the fjord with the Schilksee Olympic Center and large marina, formerly the venue for the sailing competitions during the 1972 Olympic Games; Port and venue for the sailing competitions during Kiel Week; Popular bathing beach (Schilksee beach) and the Schilksee cliffs bordering to the south

  • Ostseebad Strande , community in the district of Rendsburg-Eckernförde north of Schilksee with fishing, sports and yacht harbor Strande

  • Bülk, Part of the municipality of Strande with the Bülk lighthouse on the extreme western tip of the Kiel Fjord; popular destination with lighthouse café; oldest lighthouse on the Kiel Fjord

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