Friedrichsort lighthouse – access to the Kiel Fjord

Friedrichsort lighthouse on Falckenstein Beach in the Kiel Fjord in front of Friedrichsort and north of the Kiel Canal on the west bank of the fjord.

The lighthouse in the Friedrichsort district of Kiel serves as a beacon, cross mark and orientation light for entering the port of Kiel and the Kiel Canal locks. The Friedrichsorter Enge is also located here, at around 1.9 km the narrowest part of the Kiel Fjord. There has been a beacon at this point since 1815. First it was a wooden light barge, then an iron light barge and finally, since 1866, a lighthouse.

In 1965 the construction of a new lighthouse began, today’s Friedrichsort lighthouse. This was then put into operation in 1971.

Kiel Week windjammer parade at Falckenstein Beach

The area around the Friedrichsort lighthouse is very popular during the Kiel Week with the windjammer parade. Since the narrowest part of the Kiel Fjord is at the level of the lighthouse, you can watch or film and photograph the passing ships particularly well from here on the Falckensteiner Strand.

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