Kiellinie Kiel – promenade on the Kiel Fjord

Kiellinie Kiel – promenade on the west bank of the Kiel Fjord in the Kiel districts of Düsternbrook and Wik. Popular waterfront promenade with an unobstructed view of incoming and outgoing ships and the shipyards on the east bank.

The Kiellinie begins at the Seeburg behind the Ostseekai and has ended since 2014 in the district of Wik near the naval base Tirpitzhafen Kiel. Until 2014, the Kiellinie ended at the Blücherbrücke and the section between Blücherbrücke and Wik was named Hindenburgufer, named in honor of Paul von Hindenburg. With the decision of the Kiel council meeting in 2014, the Hindenburgufer was renamed Kiellinie and the promenade was thus extended by the relevant section to the Wik.

The Kiellinie waterfront promenade is around three kilometers long and offers an unobstructed view of incoming cruise ships, merchant ships and the ferries of Stena Line and Color Line, which operate daily on the Kiel-Gothenburg (Sweden) and Kiel-Oslo (Norway) routes. Most cruise ships calling at the Port of Kiel dock at the Ostseekai.

The sometimes very wide promenade is not only popular with walkers, but of course also with cyclists, joggers and inline skaters. Here on the Kiellinie there are also numerous cafés, restaurants and stands where, among other things, fish, ice cream, drinks and other delicacies for the small appetite or thirst are offered. Gosch, Louf (until 2019), Sandhafen, Moby (at the site of the former fish bar) and of course the Seebar Düsternbrook offer food and drink with a great panoramic view of the Kiel Fjord.

And from September 2020, at the site of the former Louf on the Reventlou Bridge, the Cotidiano restaurant will be added as a further location on the Kiellinie in a top location directly on the fjord.

Kiellinie during Kiel Week

During the Kiel Week there is always a lot going on on the Kiellinie, especially between the Ostseekai and the Institute for the World Economy at the Olympiahafen Düsternbrook (old Olympic port from 1936). Then this entire area of ​​the Kiellinie is lined with an estimated several hundred booths, sales stands as well as stages and event areas. And at the end of the Kiel Week fireworks, you have a very good view of the final fireworks from the Kiellinie.

Highlights Kiellinie

  • Around three kilometers long promenade directly on the Kiel Fjord

  • Numerous restaurants and cafes overlooking the fjord

  • Popular with walkers, cyclists and joggers

  • Unobstructed view of incoming and outgoing ships

Impressions of Kielline & Kiel Fjord

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This is where the Kiellinie promenade is located

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