Spring in Kiel: A walk in the forest in the Tannenberg animal enclosure in sunshine and temperatures in the low double-digit range.

When the sun shines in spring, the people of Kiel are usually drawn to the water somewhere. Schilksee, Strande, Kiellinie, Laboe and of course the beaches on the Kiel Fjord and on the Baltic Sea are usually always busy or sometimes overcrowded. But of course there are many more beautiful corners in and around Kiel. Such as the animal enclosure Tannenberg. A walk in the forest in spring is also very relaxing. And instead of water and ships, there are also some animals to see here in the animal enclosure.

Exciting for old and young: wild boars, goats and more in the animal enclosure in Tannenberg

The shipping traffic in the Kiel Fjord certainly has a certain appeal. Children, on the other hand, can usually be much more enthusiastic about animals “almost touchable” than with a Stena Line or Color Line ship in the fjord. And where else but in one of the animal enclosures in the state capital Kiel can wild boar or sika deer be observed up close? With a size of around 40ha, the Tannenberg animal enclosure is also the largest of all animal enclosures in Kiel and is located in the Wik, one of Kiel’s districts.

Pictures animal enclosure

Video of the Tannenberg animal enclosure at the end of March 2021

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