Treasure in the Scheerhafen Kiel: On June 11, 2023, divers recover even more silver from the Monte Olivia, which sank in 1945. Silver recovered from Monte Olivia, which sank in Scheerhafen in 1945.

This is the sensational find in Kiel: In the past few months, divers from the Scientific Diving Association (SDA) have brought hundreds of silver objects back to the surface from a water depth of around 15 meters in Kiel’s Scheerhafen. The artefacts, literally a treasure trove of silver, have lain there at the bottom of Scheerhafen since 1945 and come from the 160 meter long ship Monte Olivia. Not only the find and the silver treasure, consisting of hundreds of silver objects such as cutlery, plates, ladles, jugs and jugs, are spectacular. Monte Olivia also had an eventful past. The former cruise ship offered cruises, for example to the North Cape, to wealthy passengers for many years in the 1920s. The silverware that has now been salvaged, some with the stamp and imprint HSDG (abbreviation for the “Hamburg South American Steamship Company”), is likely to date back to the 1920s. During the Second World War, no more cruises were carried out, the Monte Olivia served the Navy as a residential ship. From 1945, the Monte Olivia was no longer a residential ship for soldiers, but served as a hospital ship. On April 3rd, 1945, the ship, which was at the mole in the Scheehafen at that time, was hit by an air raid and sank in the Scheerhafen. The Monte Olivia was salvaged the following year, but many objects remained on the bottom of the Scheerhafen, as it has now turned out.

More information about the silver hoard and recovering the artifacts in Scheerhafen: The Treasure of Monte Olivia

Video Divers take the manatee from Tiessenkai to Scheerhafen to salvage more artifacts from Monte Olivia

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