Schwedenkai Kiel

The Kiel Schwedenkai is a harbor quay with a terminal, office building and ferry dock in the port of Kiel on the west bank of the Kiel Fjord in downtown Kiel.

The passenger ferries Stena Scandinavica and Stena Germanica, operated by the Swedish shipping company Stena Line on the Kiel – Gothenburg route, alternate daily from Schwedenkai. In addition to Stena Line’s regular ferry service, cruise ships are also handled at the Schwedenkai terminal in the summer months, for example when the cruise terminals at Ostseekai and Ostuferhafen are already occupied.

The terminal building at Schwedenkai has 12 floors and offers services for passengers and freight on the lower floors. Modern handling facilities enable efficient handling of passengers and freight. The upper floors house the offices of Stena Line, Seehafen Kiel and other companies.

The operator is Seehafen Kiel GmbH & Co. KG, which operates the Kiel commercial port as a 100% subsidiary of the state capital of Kiel on a public order from the state capital.

The Schwedenkai is located in the two districts of Kiel, Altstadt and Vorstadt, right in the city centre. Among other things, the Bootshafen Holstenstraße, Alter Markt, Neues Rathaus, Sophienhof and the main train station can be reached on foot in a few minutes.

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