Little Kiel Canal

The Small Kiel Canal (or Holsten-Fleet) is a project to revitalize and redesign downtown Kiel in the areas of Holstenbrücke, Holstenstrasse, Berliner Platz, Andreas-Gayk-Strasse and the boat harbor.

The construction work to redesign the inner city, at the transition between Kiel’s old town and the suburbs, began in mid-2017. After completion, possibly by the end of 2019, the restoration of the water connection between Förde and Kleiner Kiel will be realized with the Kleiner Kiel Canal. The construction of the small Kiel canal with the associated redesign of Holstenbrücke, Holstenstrasse, Berliner Platz and Andreas-Gayk-Strasse should lead to a significant upgrading of the inner city.

Construction costs Small Kiel Canal / Holsten Fleet

The Kleiner Kiel Canal construction project had numerous critics from the start. The construction costs have risen from initially 11.5 million euros to 15 million in the meantime and now to around 18.7 million euros.

Highlight Small Kiel Canal

  • Upgrading and revitalization of the city center of Kiel

  • Restoration of the historical water connection between Förde and Kleiner Kiel

  • Attraction for Kiel residents and tourists

  • Area to linger and for activities

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This is where the Small Kiel Canal is located

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