Viewing platform Wiker balcony

Viewing platform Wiker Balcony in the Schleusenpark in the Wik district of Kiel with a view of the canal, the Holtenauer lock system and the fjord.

The Wiker Balcony is an approximately 2.3 meter high viewing platform and is located in the Schleusenpark in the Wik district of Kiel on an area that was formerly used by industry and the German Armed Forces. The entire area had to be renovated at great expense and contaminated sites had to be removed.

The Wiker Balcony is located in the northern area of ​​the Schleusenpark between Herthastrasse and the embankment over the Uferstrasse, which runs parallel to the Kiel Canal. The park and viewing platform were built in 2011/2012. You can reach the approximately 2.30 meter high viewing platform via the steps or alternatively via barrier-free ramps.
However, it must be added that the view is not the best as adjacent trees and buildings slightly obscure the view of the fjord and canal.

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