New Year’s Eve fireworks Kiellinie Kiel height Reventlouwiese 2023/2024 on New Year’s Eve from December 31st, 2023 to January 1st, 2024.

Welcome 2024! The new year 2024 was welcomed in Kiel with rockets, batteries and firecrackers. Batteries were particularly popular this year for New Year’s Eve. Here in Kiel on the Kiel line directly on the Kiel Fjord near the Reventlou Bridge, a lot of batteries were lit on New Year’s Eve 2023. There are also lots of rockets and firecrackers, which of course shouldn’t be missing from the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Hundreds of people along the Kiellinie had set off the fireworks they had brought with them around midnight on New Year’s Eve, some of them of course a little before midnight. And others continued to set off batteries and rockets around 1 a.m.

New Year's Eve fireworks Kiel Kiellinie Reventlouwiese

New Year’s Eve fireworks Kiel Kiellinie Reventlouwiese

Kiel Reventlouwiese / Kiellinie New Year's Eve 2023

Kiel Reventlouwiese / Kiellinie New Year’s Eve 2023

And here are two more New Year’s Eve 2023 fireworks videos “New Year’s Eve fireworks Kiellinie Kiel 2023/2024” with all kinds of rockets, firecrackers and batteries in Kiel on the Kiellinie. The 2023/2024 fireworks display was filmed with my iPhone from the Reventlou Bridge. Have fun with the following videos from New Year’s Eve from the Kiel Fjord.

Videos New Year’s Eve 2023 in Kiel on the Kiel Fjord

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