Natural beach and cliffs near Dänisch-Nienhof on the Baltic Sea

The beach at Dänisch-Nienhof is located west of the Stohl cliffs. Dänisch-Nienhof is located in the municipality of Schwedeneck between Kiel and Eckernförde in the Danish Wahld .

There is only a small stretch of sandy beach on the Baltic Sea coast near Dänisch-Nienhof. As you can see in the photos and videos, most of it is quite rocky. Here, for example, there are many adder stones, i.e. stones with holes.

The Baltic Sea beach at Dänisch-Nienhof is particularly suitable for a long walk by the sea. It is much quieter here than on most other beaches.

Highlights Dänisch-Nienhof Baltic Sea beach

  • miles of natural beach with cliffs

  • Restaurant on the beach

  • Parking around 300 meters away, free of charge in the off-season

Pictures Danish-Nienhof beach

Videos Danish-Nienhof beach

Here is the beach at Dänisch-Nienhof

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