From 12.00 p.m. not much was going on: Kiel Week 2020 ticket reservation – too many reservation requests for the server bring the reservation service for the coveted free tickets to its knees.

This year’s Kiel Week is really different in many areas than in previous years and has already caused resentment, criticism and, above all, strong nerves and waiting times even before the actual opening. Even if the Kiel Week 2020 will be significantly smaller in terms of concerts and events on land, there will still be numerous events. Of course, free of charge as usual, even in Corona times. Just on a much smaller scale. The official Kiel Week website currently lists almost 500 events that will take place between September 5th and 13th during Kiel Week.

Too many reservation requests My Kiel Week 2020 reservation tool

Too many reservation requests My Kiel Week 2020 reservation tool

KiWo Events: Server overloaded – bookings temporarily not possible

What’s also new this year is that, of course due to Corona, you can’t just spontaneously go to a stage and take part in one of the concerts. Because free tickets have to be booked for the concerts and events. The activation of the reservation system was set for today’s Thursday at 12:00 p.m. sharp. And already a few minutes before 12 o’clock I sat at the computer and counted down the remaining minutes. And with me probably thousands of other interested people who all accessed the website at the same time. Too many requests for the server, because nothing worked at first. An interplay between white error pages and a multi-stage registration process that simply did not want to react when you clicked on “Next” to reach the next step of the registration. No response for minutes, it was exasperating.

Website not available My Kiel Week 2020 registration

Website not available My Kiel Week 2020 registration

Top concerts are booked out in just a few minutes

There is a quite interesting concept at numerous concerts: In order to enable as many spectators as possible to participate from popular bands and artists, the concerts are shown on several stages, each with a maximum of 500 spectators. Of course, the band can only be seen live on one stage, the concert will then be broadcast live on a large screen on the other stages. Similar to the Kiel Summer Opera, when you can follow the AIDA opera premiere live via live transmission on Blücherplatz, at the boat harbor and a few other locations.

But less than 10 minutes after the registration was activated, all available tickets for Tom Gregory, Milow, Michael Schulte or Lotte were already booked and you could be put on the waiting list. That was of course a great pity and the disappointment was great. But somehow foreseeable. But of course this first affected the tickets for the live stages. So Plan B was needed, luckily there were still tickets for the concerts, which will be broadcast live. It’s not a real concert, but it comes pretty close. And for me personally, that’s perfectly fine. After all, we are still in the middle of the corona pandemic and almost all major events have been canceled or postponed nationwide. Therefore, it is to the city of Kiel and the entire organization team of the Kiel Week that they have to give credit for realizing such a major event on water and on land despite Corona. Over 50,000 tickets are available for the numerous events and strict compliance with the rules of distance and hygiene must be observed at all times and everywhere. All tickets issued are personalized and provided with a QR code and there will be admission controls at all times. All in all, a significantly higher organizational and personnel effort than a “normal” Kiel week.

Kiel Week 2020: Reserve tickets for events online

If you haven’t reserved tickets yet, you can try it online here:

Provided, of course, that the website will be online again soon and further reservations will be possible again. Because the reservation system has been unavailable for several hours due to too many reservation requests.

Hallo, ich bin Christian und lebe in Kiel.