Kiel Canal lock viewing platform in Wik

Kiel-Wik lock viewing platform on the Kiel Canal with a view of the Holtenau lock system, the Kiel Canal and the Holtenau high bridges.

Here on the viewing platform of the lock of the Kiel Canal you can watch the ships passing through the Kiel Canal up close. The busiest artificial sea shipping route in the world connects the Baltic Sea with the North Sea. In Brunsbüttel and in Kiel, the two end points of the canal, are the locks that all ships have to pass through on their way through the canal.

Arriving by bus: bus stop Wik Kanal
Arriving by car: Maklerstraße 1, free parking spaces available

Pay machine at the viewing platform

There is a pay machine at the entrance to the viewing platform. Admission to the viewing platform is EUR 1.00 for adults.

KIel Canal passenger ferry

The pier for the passenger ferry that connects Kiel-Wik with Holtenau on the opposite side of the canal is located near the Wik-Kanal bus stop. Use of the ferry is free of charge. Bicycles can also be taken along (also free of charge).

Impressions of the viewing platform & lock system Kiel Canal

News about ships & ferries in the Kiel blog

Video viewing platform of the Kiel Canal lock system

Here is the viewing platform

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