Museum submarine U 995 in Laboe

The submarine U 995 of the former German Navy was used in World War II and is the last remaining Type VII-C/41 submarine in Germany. Since 1972, U 995 has been a museum ship (Technical Museum U 995) at the foot of the Naval Memorial in Laboe.

After the end of the war, the submarine U 995, which was put into service in September 1943, was first delivered to Great Britain and then to Norway, where it was used by the Norwegian Navy until 1962. In 1965, U 995 was returned to Germany and restored to its 1945 condition in the years that followed.

Since March 1972, U 995 has been on the beach at Laboe near the Naval Memorial and can be viewed there. A visit to U 995, more precisely the Technical Museum U 995, is subject to a fee. The Technical Museum U 995 is operated by the German Navy Association, which also operates the Navy Memorial, which is located just a few meters from U-boat U 995.

Highlights Submarine U 995

  • last submarine of this series preserved in Germany

  • Interior of U 995 almost as it was in May 1945

  • one of the few museum submarines in Germany

  • Can be visited individually or with a combination ticket together with the Naval Memorial

  • a must for anyone interested in ships and submarines in particular

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Location of submarine U 995 on the beach of Laboe

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