Four-masted barque STS Sedov

The Sedov is a Russian sail training ship. The 117.5 meter long sailing ship, a four-masted barque, was built in 1921 as Magdalene Vinnen II in the Germania shipyard in Kiel. The Sedov is the largest traditional sailing ship in the world still sailing.

The sailing ship sailed the seven seas in the 1920s and 1930s, transporting wheat, saltpeter and grain, among other things. After the Second World War, the Magdalene Vinnen II first went to Great Britain and then to the Soviet Union as reparations. Renamed Sedov, the sailing ship served the Soviet Navy as a sail training ship. Since 2017, the Sedov has been owned by the Kaliningrad State Technical University.

The Russian sailing training ship Sedov can also be seen regularly in German ports, including in Kiel during Kiel Week or at the Hamburg Port Birthday.

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