Steep coast Schilksee between bathing beach and Falckenstein beach

Steep coast Kiel-Schilksee on the Kiel Fjord – The somewhat quieter stretch of beach on the Fjord between the Schilksee Beach and the Falckenstein Beach.

The easiest way to the beach of the Schilksee cliffs is via the stairs, which are roughly 400 meters from Funkstellenweg in the direction of Falckensteiner Strand. Alternatively, you can of course simply walk along the beach from Schilksee Beach towards Falckenstein Beach.

Parallel to the fjord and the beach, there is also a path that leads from the Schilksee Olympic Center to the Friedrichsort lighthouse and the Deichperle restaurant on Falckenstein Beach.

Impressions of the steep coast of Schilksee

Videos steep coast Kiel-Schilksee

Map: This is where the Schilksee cliffs are located

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