Kiel cruise season 2023 started: The cruise ship “Balmoral” is moored at the Ostseekai. At 218 meters and around 1,000 mostly British passengers, the Balmoral is one of the smaller cruise ships.

On Friday morning, the 218 meter long cruise ship Balmoral of the shipping company Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines coming from Hamburg, passes the Kiel Canal with the destination of the Ostseekai Cruise Terminal in Kiel. As one of the first cruise ships of the 2023 cruise season in Kiel, the Balmoral, built in 1988, is also one of the oldest cruise ships to have announced in Kiel this year. The ship can accommodate up to 1,325 passengers at maximum occupancy. However, there are only about 1,000 mostly British passengers on board. And they could look forward to a somewhat longer stay in Kiel. The arrival in Kiel was actually planned for 12.30 p.m., but the Balmoral had already moored at the Ostseekai at around 10.30 a.m. A faster passage through the Kiel Canal was responsible for the earlier arrival. The modern shore power system at the Ostseekai will not be used on this day, because due to its age, the Balmoral cannot be supplied with shore power when it is in port.

On Friday evening at 8:00 p.m., the Balmoral will leave the port of Kiel with the next destination Warnemünde. From there, however, there will be no further cruise in the Baltic Sea, but there will be another trip through the Kiel Canal towards Brunsbüttel and the North Sea, because then the Balmoral will call at the port in Bremen.

More about the Balmoral

The Balmoral is a cruise ship of Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines. It entered service in 1988 as the Crown Odyssey. In 2007, the cruise ship was lengthened by around 30 meters. In 2008 the ship was commissioned as Balmoral.

Video of the Balmoral cruise ship arriving in Kiel

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