District Kiel-Altstadt in the heart of the state capital Kiel

With an area of ​​around 35 hectares, the Kiel district of Kiel-Altstadt is the smallest district of the state capital. Here are the oldest buildings in the city and the shopping street Holstenstrasse. with adjacent side streets.

The district Altstadt is characterized by numerous shops and shopping facilities in Holstenstrasse sowie den angrenzenden Bereichen am Alten Markt, Dänische Straße, Kehdenstraße, Küterstraße sowie weiteren Straßen und Gassen. The old town is more of a business district than a residential area, although a few years ago a new area with townhouses and condominiums developed around the Alte Feuerwache area. The Altstadt district has a total of around 1,000 inhabitants (end of 2018).

Overview of the old town of Kiel

Area 34,7 ha
Residents 654 (End of 2014)
population density 1,885 inhabitants/km²
Postal code 24103
Adjacent districts Düsternbrook, Vorstadt, Damperhof

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