That was the Kiel Week Windjammer Parade 2022 on June 25th, 2022: The parade took place as usual in June. The windjammer parade was led by the sailing training ship Gorch Fock.

For the first time after years of repairs, the windjammer parade was again led by the Gorch Fock, the sailing training ship of the German Navy. The maritime highlight is the windjammer parade on the last Saturday of Kiel Week, in which numerous tall and traditional sailing ships, historic steamships and hundreds of sailing yachts and sailing boats take part.
When the sun was shining and the temperatures were summery, you could either go on one of the numerous ships as part of an accompanying trip. These places were of course limited. Another 130,000 people watched the 2022 windjammer parade from land again. As in the previous year, there was a predetermined parade line-up of the participating ships: the lead ship, the Gorch Fock, was followed by several groups of ships. Each of these groups was led by a traditional sailor, followed by other sailing ships and private sailors, who were included in the formation of the parade for the Windjammer Parade 2022, as was the case for the Windjammer Parade last year.

Kiel Week Windjammer Parade 2022

Kiel Week Windjammer Parade 2022

There were a total of 6 groups at the windjammer parade this year:

  1. Sailing training ship Gorch Fock
  2. Sailing training ship Shabab Oman II
  3. Alexander von Humboldt II
  4. Sailing training ship Dar Mlodziezy
  5. Thor Heyerdahl
  6. Roald Amundsen

There were other ships worth seeing in these 6 groups, including the Artemis, Stortemelk, Zuiderzee, J.R. Tolkien, Jantje, Eye of the Wind, Hansekogge, Atlantis, Abel Tasman, Banjaard and many more.

This video of the Kiel Week Windjammer Parade 2022 was again recorded from Falckensteiner Strand. Here at the Friedrichsort lighthouse you always have a very good view of the windjammer parade with the numerous ships passing by.

Photos of the Kiel Week Windjammer Parade 2022

Videos of the Kiel Week Windjammer Parade 2022

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