Seagulls in Kiel – seabirds in the state capital

For some, they’re just annoying. We are talking about seagulls, which can not only be found on the Kiel Fjord or on the beach, but can also be seen and of course heard in practically the entire city of Kiel.

But seagulls are just as much a part of the state capital of Kiel as the fjord and the wind. Because most seagull species live on the coasts. Some species, such as the black-headed gull, also breed inland, especially on larger bodies of water. Few gull species live at sea for most of the year.

Among other things, you can meet the following seagull species in Kiel

  • Common gulls

  • Herring Gulls

  • Black-headed gulls

  • Great black-backed gulls

  • Lesser black-backed gulls

Seagull photos

Screaming seagulls in Kiel

Loud seagull cries are to be expected in Kiel, especially during the breeding season. Because the city offers some very good breeding conditions for seagulls. This can also lead to conflicts.

No feeding seagulls!

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