Animal enclosure Suchsdorf on the Kiel Canal

The animal enclosure Suchsdorf is a grazed grassland near the Kiel Canal in the west of the Kiel district of Suchsdorf.

With an area of ​​around 3.6 hectares, the animal enclosure in Kiel-Suchsdorf is one of the smaller animal enclosures in the state capital of Kiel. Nevertheless, the Suchsdorf animal enclosure is definitely worth a visit. Fallow deer, mouflon and Scottish highland cattle live in the enclosures. The Kronshagen-Ottendorfer Au runs in the immediate vicinity of the animal enclosure. And it is only a few minutes to the Kiel Canal.

Highlights animal enclosure Suchsdorf

  • 3.6 acres of grassland

  • Scottish highland cattle, fallow deer & mouflon

  • located close to the Kiel Canal

Behavior in the animal enclosure

Impressions of the Suchsdorf animal enclosure

Videos from the animal enclosure

Here is the animal enclosure in Suchsdorf

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