Scheduled maintenance work: The canal ferry “Adler I” will be out of service for several days from 15.10.2023. Crossing the channel by ferry will not be possible during this period.

It is not only car drivers who regularly have to take their vehicles to the TÜV. The passenger ferry Adler I also has to be inspected at regular intervals. After all, safe crossing of the Kiel Canal from Wik to Holtenau and vice versa must be ensured for pedestrians and cyclists day after day. Inspection as well as scheduled maintenance is now due again. Therefore, in the coming days there will be restrictions for all those who normally cross the channel with the Adler I.

From 15.10.2023 from 12 noon up to and including 27.10.2023, the passenger ferry Adler I will therefore not operate.

For the duration of the Adler I’s dock period, a bus replacement service with bicycle transport will be set up between the docks in Holtenau and Wik. The regular ferry schedule of the passenger ferry Adler I is not valid for the duration of the layover in the shipyard. The bus replacement service will run continuously between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. between Kiel-Wik and Kiel-Holtenau. Depending on the traffic situation, especially the traffic volume at the Holtenau high bridges, the departure times of the bus replacement service may vary in some cases.

Cyclists can of course alternatively cycle over the Holtenauer Hochbrücke. It should be noted that currently only one of the bridges, the Olympiabrücke, is open for cyclists. The Prinz Heinrich Bridge is currently closed to cyclists and pedestrians due to bridge repairs.

Passenger ferry Adler I

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