The new name has been decided: the Kiel naval base Tirpitzhafen will be renamed. The new name of the naval port is Naval Base Kiel Wik.

The fact that there have been efforts to rename the Tirpitzhafen for some time is not particularly new. But now the final decision has been made and the new name has already been decided. Tirpitzhafen Kiel became the naval base Kiel-Wik, i.e. a name after the Wik district of Kiel in which the naval base is located.

In addition, there were two other renamings in the Kiel naval base. The Tirpitzmole, where the sailing training ship Gorch Fock is also berthed, was renamed Gorch-Fock-Mole. In addition, the new name of the Scheermole is now Oskar-Kusch-Mole.

For several years now, the Bundeswehr has been checking the names of barracks and other infrastructure elements nationwide for their traditional value and, where necessary, renaming them. Tirpitz and Scheer, admirals of the Imperial Navy in World War I, no longer appeared in keeping with tradition and the times.

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