The windjammer parade would have taken place on June 27th, 2020 – Kiel Week windjammer parade reviews of the past few years, since the Kiel Week 2020 was postponed to September this year due to Corona. A windjammer parade in the Kiel Fjord will therefore not take place in June 2020.

The windjammer parade is one of the maritime highlights of every Kiel Week. Tens of thousands of spectators watch the parade from the banks of the Kiel Fjord when hundreds of sailing ships are sailing the fjord. But the Kiel Week 2020 was postponed from June to September and therefore there is no windjammer parade. Reason enough to look at the windjammer parade of the past years.

Kiel Week Windjammer Parade 2019

The windjammer parade 2019 was led by the Russian sailing training ship Mir, a three-masted ship with a distinctive white and blue hull. The windjammer parade started at 11 a.m. as usual. Photos and videos of the windjammer parade 2019 were taken from the Falckenstein beach near the Friedrichsort lighthouse.

Photos windjammer parade 2019

Videos Windjammer Parade 2019

Tall Windjammer Parade 2018

There was a special highlight at the Windjammer Parade 2018 with the participation of the Sedov, a Russian sailing ship and with a length of 117 meters the largest traditional sailing ship in the world that is still sailing. The sight of the Sedov in the Kiel Fjord was certainly fantastic. But a special experience was sailing on the sailing ship Sedov at the windjammer parade. Incidentally, the Sedov was built in Kiel and was launched in 1921 at the Germaniawerft (today ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, formerly HDW) on the east bank of Kiel as the Magdalene Vinnen II.

Videos Windjammerparade 2018

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