Forstbaumschule – the oldest park in Kiel with an inn in Kiel-Düsternbrook

The Forstbaumschule in Kiel is a green area in the style of an English landscape garden with an inn embedded in the park, the Forstbaumschule of the same name, in the district of Kiel-Düsternbrook.

The Forstbaumschule is Kiel’s oldest park and was created in 1788. At that time, the Forstbaumschule covered an area of ​​one hectare. Today, the Forstbaumschule Park is around 13 hectares in size and includes ponds, lawns, playgrounds, the Restaurant Forstbaumschule (with a beautiful and very popular beer garden) and much more.

Highlights Forstbaumschule Kiel

  • 13 hectares of parkland in the style of an English landscape garden

  • oldest park in Kiel, emerged from the forest tree nursery established in 1788

  • diverse tree and plant population

  • popular restaurant with beer garden in the park: Restaurant Forstbaumschule

  • Playgrounds, play and fitness equipment

Photos Forstbaumschule Park area in Kiel

Videos from the landscape garden Forstbaumschule Kiel

Here is the park area Forstbaumschule Kiel

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