Warning strike by UKSH employees at the Kiel site on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 – After Lübeck last week, there is now also a strike at the Kiel site of the Schleswig-Holstein University Hospital (UKSH).

There is a strike at the Schleswig-Holstein University Hospital. There have been warning strikes at both locations of the clinic, in Lübeck and in Kiel. On Tuesday, ver.di called for a warning strike in the state capital of Kiel. Tariff employees, those employed by the UKSH, interns, trainees and students were called upon to take part in the warning strike.

The topic of dispute is the tariffs in the public sector in the current round of tariffs, in which no agreement has yet been found between the trade union and the collective bargaining community of the federal states.

Verdi warning strike Kiel UKSH employees 16.11.2021

Verdi warning strike Kiel UKSH employees 16.11.2021

The demands on employers in detail

  • Wage increase by 5 percent, but at least by 150 euros per month
  • Salary increase for trainees, interns and students by 100 euros per month
  • Reinstatement of the previous takeover regulation for trainees

Video warning strike by UKSH employees in Kiel at the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament

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