Now it’s here, the summer of 2021 in Kiel. Numerous beaches on the fjord and Baltic Sea beaches around the state capital have already been very busy in the past few days.

At the weekend, a large number of visitors are again expected at the Kiel bathing beaches on the Förde and the Baltic Sea beaches in the Rendsburg-Eckernförde district and in the Plön district. That is not very surprising, after all, temperatures in Kiel are currently well over 25 degrees. And the last few days have been the warmest days of the year so far with some 34 degrees. The only thing that really helps is cooling off in the Baltic Sea or in the Kiel Fjord, for example at Falckenstein Beach on the west bank of the Kiel Fjord, at Schönberger Strand or at one of the other numerous beaches, some of which are only a few kilometers away.

Kiel beaches at a glance

Here in the Kiel lexicon, of course, there are also numerous Kiel bathing beaches and nearby Baltic Sea beaches:

Kiel Lexicon: category beaches

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