Kiel Week 2020: Participation in events only with a valid ticket – Reservations can be made online via the reservation system from August 27th.

Despite Corona, there will also be numerous events and concerts during Kiel Week 2020. Just not on big stages, but with a limited number of participants. A reservation system will therefore be used for the first time at this year’s Kiel Week. This year, only those who have purchased one of the limited and probably highly sought-after tickets in advance can take part in the events. Free of charge, of course, because participation in all Kiel Week 2020 events that can be booked via the registration system is free of charge.

The reservation system of the Kiel Week 2020

The most important information in a nutshell:

  • Tickets are available at
  • Reservations are possible from August 27, 12:00 p.m
  • Providing personal data is required
  • Tickets are given a QR code and seat number and are sent by email
  • Admission to the event only with a valid ticket
  • Up to three event tickets can be booked per visitor

Would you like more information? On the Kiel Week website there is an area with frequently asked questions and information about the registration system, tickets for the events and this year’s Kiel Week program.

Website My Kiel Week 2020 reservation system

Website My Kiel Week 2020 reservation system

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