Scottish highland cattle visit Suchsdorf animal enclosure on a sunny afternoon in April.

After I was in the animal enclosure Tannenberg in the Wik last month, the animal enclosure in Suchsdorf follows almost a month later. Of course, there are also different animal species that live in the enclosures. If they show up. And first of all: The animal enclosure in Kiel-Suchsdorf is significantly smaller than the animal enclosure Tannenberg.

The animal enclosure Suchsdorf offers Scottish highland cattle, fallow deer and mouflon on a total of 3.6 hectares. The animals have larger grazing areas and therefore do not necessarily have to stay at the feeding stations. This is how it was this time, for example, with the fallow deer and the moufflons, of which there was nothing to be seen far and wide except for the information signs.

Suchsdorf animal enclosure fallow deer & mouflon

Suchsdorf animal enclosure fallow deer & mouflon

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If you still want to see a few ships, you can also reach the Kiel Canal within a few minutes’ walk.

Video: On the way in the Suchsdorf animal enclosure

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