Masks are mandatory in the UKSH emergency room: After a few corona cases, masks are now mandatory in the emergency room and the UKSH admissions station.

Although the number of corona infections in Schleswig-Holstein is currently at a low level, masks are now compulsory again in the UKSH emergency room. According to the UKSH, this step is a precautionary measure after the virus was recently detected in around 15 patients. It is not so easy to answer whether and how many employees are or have been infected with the corona virus at the moment, after all there is no longer any obligation to test and even when reporting sick, Corona no longer has to be given as a reason for reporting sickness. However, there is no reason to worry and the university hospital only speaks of precautionary measures in this context, although there is currently no mask requirement in other hospitals in the state capital (including the municipal hospital or Lubinus Clinicum).

The reasons for the isolated corona infections in the UKSH in Kiel can only be speculated on. Some of the infections may be due to travelers returning. Events and the weather in recent weeks may also have played a role. And finally, with the new corona variant “Eris”, a new virus variant is spreading, which is characterized by a mostly mild course.

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