Relocation decided: The NDR state broadcasting center in Kiel is moving from Schlossplatz to the Science Park. Construction of the new state broadcasting center is expected to start in early 2024.

The North German Broadcasting Corporation (NDR) has been looking for a suitable new location for the state broadcasting center for some time and has now struck gold. The Landesfunkhaus has been located on Schlossplatz and Wall since the 1960s, and Studio Kiel began broadcasting in Kiel Castle on April 5, 1965. Several parts of the building were built at the current location at the Kiel Castle and on the Wall in the past decades up to the 1990s, which form the state broadcasting center in its current form. But decades have passed since construction and various extensions. In addition to the considerable potential for tarnishing at the Schlossplatz, the requirements and demands on workplaces as well as work and production processes in the state bradcasting station have changed significantly. For example, hybrid forms of work or working from home were the absolute exception or unthinkable in the past. Not every editor needs their own permanent desk in the state broadcasting center these days. And the principle of separate studios for the two areas of television and radio are now just as outdated and also offer savings potential. And so it is not surprising that in the future the State Broadcasting Center in the Science Park will be able to manage with less space while the number of employees remains the same.

Landesfunkhaus Kiel in the Science Park: Start of construction in early 2024 for a four-storey building

However, the move to the Science Park (Wissenschaftspark) will not take place immediately. The lease has recently been signed but the building has yet to be constructed. Accordingly, construction is expected to start in early 2024. Completion is expected in mid/end of 2025 and if this happens as planned, then the move, including employees and everything else, could possibly be completed by the end of 2026.

In addition to a new location for the state broadcasting center of the NDR, less space and an optimized concept for the broadcasting studio and production for cross-media content (television, radio, internet), the NDR will in future be a tenant in the science park instead of owning the properties on Schlossplatz and Wall as before. After the move to the science park, NDR will probably sell the building in which the state broadcasting center is currently located.

NDR Landesfunkhaus SH

NDR Kiel Landesfunkhaus SH

NDR Building Kiel Landesfunkhaus Schleswig-Holstein

NDR Building Kiel Landesfunkhaus Schleswig-Holstein

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