Verdi’s “AIDA” on Blücherplatz – live broadcast of the opera premiere on August 24th, 2019 in the best summer weather and with thousands of spectators.

As in previous years, an opera will be performed on Kiel’s town hall square in the summer. This year it is Verdi’s “AIDA” and again the opera premiere was broadcast live on Blücherplatz. In addition, at other locations such as the Bootshafen Kiel and even in Neumünster and Preetz.

Summer Opera AIDA transmission Blücherplatz Kiel 08/24/2019

Summer Opera AIDA transmission Blücherplatz Kiel 08/24/2019

You don’t necessarily have to be a die-hard opera fan to take part in the broadcast of the opera premiere. The transmission is free of charge and for this occasion the entire Blücherplatz was closed to the cars that are otherwise parked there at the weekend. A children’s party took place on Blücherplatz in the afternoon, followed by the film “I have stories to tell about KIEL” from 6:30 p.m. and finally the main event, the broadcast of the opera AIDA from 8 p.m.

If you couldn’t find a seat at one of the numerous beer benches, you simply brought your own chair, usually a camping chair or folding chair. One or the other beanbag was spotted on the Blücherplatz on Saturday.

You could bring your own food and drink or, of course, visit the numerous stands on the edge of Blücherplatz that were set up for this event.

The transmission of the opera premiere AIDA on Blücherplatz and the other supporting program of the day, like the transmissions of other operas in recent years, were organized and made possible by the Blücher e.V. community of interests.

Blücher e.V. interest group:

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And the weather was just perfect for this open-air event on Blücherplatz. Sunshine and well over 20 degrees, in the early afternoon almost too warm and sunny for some, were certainly also responsible for the large number of spectators on the Blücherplatz, which is rarely seen filled with so many people.

And if there is another live broadcast of the opera premiere on Blücherplatz next year, then the weather doesn’t have to be even better. It would be perfectly sufficient if it gets as beautifully sunny as in August 2019.

Video Blücherplatz Kiel on August 24th, 2019

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