Image gallery THE OCEAN RACE 2023 Fly-By Kiel: The world-famous Ocean Race with Boris Herrmann stopped in Kiel on June 9th, 2023.

On Friday afternoon the 5 IMOCA yachts were on stage six for the fly-by in Kiel in the Kiel Fjord. During the fly-by in Kiel, the 5 yachts had to go around the turning point, which was located in Kiel’s inner waters near Reventlouwiese, between Reventloubrücke and Ostseekai. The 11TH HOUR from the 11th Hour Racing Team was the first yacht of the 5 IMOCA teams to reach the Kiel Fjord and round the turning point.
Boris Herrmann from Hamburg, skipper and team boss of Team Malizia, reached the turning point at the Fly-By in Kiel with his yacht MALIZIA as the last of the 5 IMOCA teams taking part in the Ocean Race 2023.

Stage six of the 2023 Ocean Race was the shortest stage at around 800 nautical miles. The IMOCA yachts set off from Aarhus (Denmark) on Thursday at 6 p.m. and arrived in Kiel for the fly-by on Friday afternoon. This was followed by another trip through the Baltic Sea, around Denmark into the North Sea towards the Netherlands. The destination of the sixth stage was The Hague in the Netherlands.

Photos and videos from the fly-by in Kiel with the Ocean Race yachts in the Kiel Fjord were taken from the lighthouse on Falckensteiner Strand. From here you had a very good view of the 5 yachts passing by that took part in the Ocean Race 2023.

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