Cruise ship MSC Seaview is leaving Kiel on July 3rd, 2021 for the Baltic Sea cruise with 7 nights on board the Seaview. It is the first MSC Cruises ship to dock in Kiel so far this year.

When a large number of people gather around the Friedrichsort lighthouse on Falckensteiner Strand on a Saturday evening and most of them have at least one camera with them, then one thing is clear: a special ship will soon be passing through the Kiel Fjord. And that’s how it was on this Saturday, of course. The 323 meter long cruise ship MSC Seaview left the port of Kiel at around 8:20 p.m. From the Ostuferhafen cruise terminal, the MSC Seaview traveled through the Kiel Fjord to the Baltic Sea.

The fact that so many interested people wanted to witness the departure of the MSC Seaview was partly due to the fact that this cruise ship from the shipping company MSC Cruises had never moored in a German port before. And the launch of the Seaview on July 3 also marked the start of the cruise season for MSC in Germany. And according to current planning, the MSC Seaview will also be the only ship from MSC Cruises that will be used in 2021 from/to Germany.

Baltic Sea cruise with the MSC Seaview from Kiel

Seaview passengers can expect a 7-night Baltic Sea cruise on board. The port of departure and destination is the state capital of Kiel with stations in Visby on the Swedish island of Gotland, Stockholm (also in Sweden) and Tallinn in Estonia.

Missed the MSC Seaview on Saturday evening? No problem, the cruise ship is expected to dock again at the cruise terminal in Kiel in the morning hours of July 10th and the next Baltic Sea cruise with the MSC Seaview will start in the evening of the same day. And according to the MSC, there is still free capacity. Just in case you want to do a Baltic Sea cruise with the Seaview at short notice.

Photos MSC Seaview in Kiel

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Video MSC Seaview in Kiel

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