Passenger record in the port of Kiel: In the past cruise season 2019, around 800,000 cruise passengers were handled in Kiel between March and October. The total number of cruise ship calls has also increased.

2019 was another extremely successful year for the port of Kiel and the ocean cruise sector. Never before have so many cruise passengers been handled within a cruise season as in 2019. With around 800,000 cruise passengers, there were more than 30 percent more passengers than in the previous year. At the same time, the total number of cruise ship calls has increased to 174. In the previous year there were 169 ship calls. However, this only corresponds to an increase of around three percent.

The significant increase in passenger numbers with only a slight increase in ship calls can be explained relatively easily: Cruise ships are getting bigger and bigger, which means that the number of passengers per cruise ship that docks in Kiel is also increasing.

Despite an increase compared to the previous year, the port of Kiel is not Germany’s leading Baltic Sea port in the field of deep-sea cruises. The Baltic Sea port of Rostock-Warnemünde will also be Germany’s most popular cruise port on the Baltic Sea in 2019, with almost 200 cruise ship calls.

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