Ride on the SFK fjord ferry from the Bahnhofsbrücke to the Reventlou pier. Short trip with many photo opportunities and numerous ships in the port of Kiel.

After several stormy days with lots of rain, in which one storm followed the next, the sun came out again in Kiel on Wednesday. Just the right weather to take a little trip on the fjord ferry. Because today is not only beautiful weather in Kiel, but it is also the last day on which the 337 meter long cruise ship AIDAcosma is a guest in Kiel. The newest ship from the Aida Cruises shipping company is still at the Ostseekai cruise terminal, but the AIDAcosma is expected to leave Kiel around 6 p.m. early Wednesday evening.

Due to the time of year, the winter timetable for the SFK passenger ferries is still valid. A quick look at the timetable of the F1 ferry line reveals that the Seegartenbrücke pier directly between the Ostseekai and the Maritime Museum is not used during the winter months. So if you want to photograph the cruise ship at the Ostseekai from the fjord, you have to start from the Bahnhohsbrücke and then, if necessary, you can leave the ferry again at the next stop at the Reventloubrücke. You can choose between two trips in the morning or around noon.

AIDAcosma in Kiel

AIDAcosma in Kiel

And the AIDAcosma was of course not the only ship in the port of Kiel. The Stena Scandinavica of the Stena Line was moored at the Schwedenkai and the Color Magic of the Norwegian shipping company Color Line at the Norwegenkai.

The journey from the Bahnhofsbrücke to the Reventlou bridge takes around 10-15 minutes and offers great photo opportunities on both sides of the fjord, including, for example, the shipyards on the east bank (German Naval Yards Kiel and TKMS), the Sartorikai by Sartori & Berger, and the Sell warehouse , that shipping museum, cruise terminal at Ostseekai, Kiellinie and much more.

Ships in the port of Kiel

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