Rathmannsdorf lock on the old Eider canal

The Rathmannsdorfer Lock is a still preserved lock of the former Eider Canal, precursor of the Kaiser Wilhelm Canal (today: Kiel Canal).

At the Rathmannsdorfer lock there is also a nearly 2km long section of the old Eider canal from the 18th century. A forest trail along the canal leads from the Schleusen-Garten restaurant at the Rathmannsdorfer lock to the Kanalfeuer restaurant on the Kiel Canal.

Restaurant Schleusen-Garten

The restaurant and café is located directly at the Rathmannsdorf lock. In the summer months, a seat on the outdoor terrace is recommended. In winter it is probably also very cozy in the Schleusen garden, because there is a fireplace.

Restaurant Kanalfeuer at Kiel Canal

The Kanalfeuer restaurant is located directly on the Kiel Canal. In summer, the seats on the terrace outside the canal fire are in great demand, because from there you have a good view of the canal and the passing ships. The Kanalfeuer is located roughly in the middle between the Holtenau high bridge and the lock system as well as the Levensau high bridge.

Highlights Rathmannsdorf Lock

  • Preserved lock system from the 18th century

  • Forest hiking trail to the Kiel Canal

  • Restaurant Schleusen-Garten

  • free parking

Photos Rathmannsdorf Lock & Eider Canal

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