Corona development in Kiel: At 98.5, the state capital Kiel currently has the highest seven-day incidence of all German districts and independent cities.

The number of new corona infections in Kiel has increased again compared to the previous day. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the incidence on Wednesday evening (08/11/2021) was 98.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The state capital thus has the highest seven-day incidence of all districts and independent cities in Germany. The day before, the city of Flensburg recorded the highest value in Germany with an incidence of 90.9. In contrast to Kiel, however, the incidence in Flensburg has remained unchanged at 90.9.

Highest incidences in Germany in three Schleswig-Holstein cities

While at the beginning of 2021 the COVID-19 incidences in Schleswig-Holstein were mostly below the German average, the three cities of Kiel (98.5), Flensburg (90.9) and Neumünster (79.8) currently have the highest corona Incidences of all independent cities and districts in Germany.

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