The Berlin band MIA. Live at the Kiel Week 2019 – Electropop on the Rathausbühne on June 25th, 2019.

Yesterday there was another top concert at Kiel Week, this time on the Rathausbühne in Kiel’s Rathausplatz. The band MIA from Berlin could be seen live on the Rathausbühne in the evening. And of course to be heard. Many well-known songs from the past few years were played, but there were also new ones that will be on the new MIA. album, which will be released at the end of the year.

MIA. Concert Kiel Week 2019

MIA. Concert Kiel Week 2019

MIA. Concert in Kiel at the Kiel Week 2019

MIA. had a whole bunch of songs with her and played more than 15 songs on the town hall stage, they were the following songs:

Kreisel, Hungriges Herz, Vorbei, Mein Freund, Biste Mode, Was es ist, Machtspiele, Verrück, Alles neu, Mausen, Floß, Kapitän,

Neuanfang, Fallschirm, Tanz der Moleküle, Sonne

Photos MIA. live in Kiel

Videos MIA. at the Kiel Week 2019

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