Kiel Week 2020: Many tickets reserved online for events are not picked up and many seats remain empty.

Many critics of the Kiel Week 2020 are of the opinion that the event should not take place this year due to the corona pandemic. But the organizers and the city of Kiel have decided differently and postponed the Kiel Week to September. The focus of Kiel Week 2020 is on sailing competitions, but there are also some events on land. Everything just one size smaller. Live broadcasts of concerts, cinema, theater and other events are broadcast on video screens on the town hall square, in the castle gardens, on the open-air stage Krusenkupplung, at the boat harbor and on the Kiel Fjord in the sailing cinema.

As always, participation in the Kiel Week events is free of charge. The only difference this year is that you have to book a free ticket in advance. Personalized and with seat number. But after the first days of the Kiel Week and some great events, it turned out that there was a need for action regarding the allocation of tickets. Because a lot of seats remained empty. And not because there were only a few bookings. In fact, there were a lot of reservations in advance and if all the visitors who had reserved one of the free tickets for the various events had come, then the pictures of the event areas in front of the big screens would look completely different. If 30 to 40 percent of the tickets reserved in advance are not used, it is extremely annoying for the organizers. But also for all those who would have liked to take part in the event but were unable to book a ticket. And last but not least for the stand operators who sell beer, bratwurst or crepe in the closed off areas.

The organizers have now reacted and are now also allowing visitors to spontaneously book tickets on site. In addition, the events are a little overbooked in advance. And unused tickets expire 15 minutes after the start of the event.

Schlossgarten broadcasting opening Kiel Week 2020

Schlossgarten broadcasting opening Kiel Week 2020

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