Johannes Oerding live at the Hörn – TOP concert by pop singer Johannes Oerding at the Kiel Week 2019 at the Kieler Hörn.

A total of over 400 concerts will take place at this year’s Kiel Week. One of the highlights is clearly Johannes Oerding’s Kieler Woche concert, which was performed on the Hörnbühne this year. Thousands of visitors were therefore drawn to the Kieler Hörn, who did not want to miss the free concert by Johannes Oerding.

Johannes Oerding at the Kiel Week 2019

Johannes Oerding stood on the Hörn Stage for around two hours and played numerous top songs from his albums “Erste Wahl”, “Forever from now”, “Alles brennt” and “Kreise”. And there were also two very fresh songs by Johannes Oerding from 2019. Johannes Oerding played “An guten Tagen” and his new song “Hoffnung/Hope”, his translated version of the song “Hope” by Patrick Michael Kelly.

Both new songs were very well received by the audience and of course it is always something very special when an artist presents their very latest songs at Kiel Week.

Pictures Johannes Oerding concert

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