Animal parks, wildlife parks and zoos in Schleswig-Holstein open again from April 20th, 2020 – After more than a month of closure, the long-awaited reopening took place in numerous animal parks today.

As of today, most zoos and wildlife parks in Schleswig-Holstein have reopened and are looking forward to the urgently needed visitors to the parks and zoos. The reopening took place under conditions and sometimes with small restrictions. Playgrounds and restaurants, among other things, must remain closed. In addition, for example, no public feedings are offered and parts of the parks such as animal houses or other areas unfortunately have to remain temporarily closed. In addition, various other rules must be observed due to COVID-19.

Numerous animal parks and wildlife parks around the state capital Kiel

So how about a visit to a zoo or wildlife park again? After all, places like Schwentinental, Gettorf, Neumünster, Warder or Eekholt are only a stone’s throw away from Kiel.

Sheeps in the pasture

Sheep in the pasture at Arche Warder Animal Park

Excursion tips zoos and wildlife parks

Before visiting the park: Find out about the rules and requirements online

All animal parks have to comply with various rules based on conditions. Even if you are a regular guest of a park, it is advisable to take a quick look at the zoo’s website before visiting. As a rule, all restrictions and rules that you have to observe during your visit are listed there in detail.

This is how you can support animal parks, wildlife parks and zoos

All animal parks depend on entrance fees to finance the upkeep of the many animals. In addition, of course, donations are another important pillar of financing. But there are many other ways you can support animal parks. There are many possibilities, for example you can sponsor an animal. Or have you already checked whether your favorite zoo might also have an online shop?

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