Kieler Woche sailing fireworks in Schilksee on September 7th, 2021 – traditional fireworks in Schilksee during Kiel Week at the Olympic Center and Olympic Harbour.

The sail fireworks in Schilksee took place on Tuesday, September 7th, in front of the Olympic port in Kiel-Schilksee on the Kiel Fjord. During Kiel Week, a large fireworks display traditionally takes place on Sunday evening on the last day of Kiel Week, which can be seen very well from the Kiellinie. But there are also fireworks in Schilksee during Kiel Week, the sailors’ fireworks at the Olympic Port in the Kiel Fjord. This year, the Schilksee sail fireworks took place on September 7th, 2021. It started at exactly 9:21 p.m.

The fireworks in Schilksee were ignited by a ship in the fjord, which was a few hundred meters from the Schilksee harbor (near the SFK pier between the Olympic harbor and the bathing beach). The area of ​​the fjord in question was cordoned off over a large area and closed to shipping, especially of course to the sailors in the Olympic port.

Kiel Week 2021 Olympiahafen Schilksee in the evening

Kiel Week 2021 Olympiahafen Schilksee in the evening

Due to the forthcoming fireworks, more visitors came to Kiel-Schilksee to the Kiel Week event area at the Olympic Center on Tuesday evening. The stand operators will certainly have been pleased. And until just before 9 p.m. there was a queue at the entrance to the Kiel Week event site in Schilksee.

Fireworks in Schilksee started at exactly 9:21 p.m

At exactly 9:00 p.m. and 21 minutes the time had come and the sail fireworks in Schilksee lit up the Schilksee evening sky for almost 12 minutes.

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