After weeks of corona lockdown: Restaurants in Kiel are allowed to reopen from May 18th, 2020 under certain conditions.

After catering establishments were closed nationwide for weeks, many hotels and restaurateurs and of course their guests have reason to celebrate. Because the state government has decided to relax the corona measures. From May 18, 2020, restaurants and hotels may reopen under certain conditions. The prerequisite for a reopening is, among other things, a hygiene concept and other requirements. Appropriate distance regulations must of course be implemented. For the companies, this not only means a great deal of administrative and organizational effort, but also that from May 18th, in some cases significantly fewer guests and customers can be expected. And not just because customers currently prefer dinner at home to going to a restaurant. Rather, of course, minimum distances must also be observed. Tables must therefore be rearranged and provided with more distance from each other. And of course every table has to be disinfected after every guest and the customer areas also have to be cleaned much more often than usual. All in all, a significant increase in personnel expenses and of course additional costs, after all, cleaning agents and disinfectants now have to be kept in large quantities.

Provide contact details when visiting a restaurant

And for the traceability of guests and customers, restaurants and catering establishments must have lists or forms ready. Guests must enter their name, time, e-mail address and telephone number here. Of course, this topic is also clearly regulated, so this customer data may not be used for advertising purposes and must be destroyed/deleted according to a defined storage obligation. Although this serves to improve traceability and contact by the health authorities, many people in Kiel will probably refrain from visiting a restaurant for the time being, also for fear of possible misuse of their contact details.

So the enthusiasm about the reopening of some restaurants will probably be limited. They are allowed to open again, but due to the numerous requirements, they have a significantly higher effort and at the same time fewer guests. And everyone is guaranteed to understand and understand that rising costs combined with falling sales lead to a very big problem from a business point of view.

Restaurant & beer garden Forstbaumschule Kiel

Restaurant & beer garden Forstbaumschule Kiel

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