The Kiel Christmas market opens on November 22nd. But which Corona rules apply to the Christmas market in Kiel 2021?

Actually, no access restrictions were planned for the Kiel Christmas markets this year. Just a few days ago, Gerwin Stöcken, City Councilor for Health, Social Affairs, Housing and Sport, announced that the state capital is currently not planning any access restrictions for the Christmas markets in the fresh air. But now the Schleswig-Holstein state government has recommended that the cities and municipalities implement the 2G rule at the Christmas markets in the state, including the Kiel Christmas markets.

Accordingly, the cards for the Kiel Christmas Market 2021 were reshuffled from November 22nd. It is not yet certain which corona rules will apply to the Christmas markets on Holstenplatz, Rathausplatz, Asmus-Bremer-Platz and Holtenauer Straße on Bernhard-Minetti-Platz due to COVID-19. The same applies to the Stadtwerke Eisfestival 2021/2022, which will take place from November 18th, 2021 to January 16th, 2022 at the Ostseekai.

Kiel Christmas market with 2G rule?

Whether the 2G rule will apply at the Christmas market in Kiel in 2021 has not yet been finally clarified as of November 17th, 2021. It would be possible, but this would mean a fundamentally new concept for the Christmas markets in downtown Kiel. The city of Kiel will provide answers about the implementation of the Christmas market on Thursday, November 18th during a press conference in the Kiel City Hall on Thursday afternoon. Health department head Gerwin Stöcken will provide comprehensive information about the corona rules at the Christmas market and other corona rules in the state capital in the scheduled press conference from 2 p.m.

Press conference on November 18, 2021 in Kiel City Hall: These Corona rules apply to the Christmas market in Kiel 2021

Imp Kilian on the Kiel City Hall Square

Hallo, ich bin Christian und lebe in Kiel.