Kiel Week Open Ship 2021 at the naval base Kiel-Wik

Kiel Week Open Ship 2021 in the naval base Kiel-Wik: Open house in the Kiel naval port on September 4th, 2021 with a tour of several naval ships. This year's Kiel Week is a [...]

New name: Kiel naval base Tirpitzhafen Kiel is renamed

The new name has been decided: the Kiel naval base Tirpitzhafen will be renamed. The new name of the naval port is Naval Base Kiel Wik. The fact that there have been efforts to rename [...]

Gorch Fock: Expensive and lengthy renovation is coming to an end

Gorch Fock: The expensive and long refurbishment is coming to an end. In just a few months, the sailing training ship Gorch Fock will be back in Kiel at the Tirpitz Mole. In the meantime, [...]

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