Keep your distance on the beach: A sunny April weekend on the Schilksee cliffs and on the Schilksee bathing beach attracts some walkers to the Kiel Fjord.

Corona and COVID-19 are also the number one topic in Kiel at the moment. These are times when keeping your distance is more important than ever, many are working from home and topics such as vacation and travel have completely faded into the background. For some, the daily highlight is when there is pasta or toilet paper to buy in the supermarket. Or you can enjoy the sun and sea air on the Kiel Fjord, for example in Schilksee. Schilksee cliffs and the Schilksee bathing beach offer optimal conditions, here you can keep enough distance to other walkers on the beach. The same applies to the Falckensteiner beach, the Stohl cliffs, the Schönberger beach and all other beaches in and around Kiel.

Steep coast Schilksee & bathing beach in April 2020

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