Kiel Week 2021: Sailing ship Alexander von Humboldt II leads the Windjammer Parade 2021. The windjammer sailing parade for everyone will take place on September 11, 2021 in the Kiel Fjord.

Due to the corona pandemic, Kiel Week 2021 will be significantly smaller than originally planned and all major events on land have already been cancelled, but the windjammer parade, which traditionally takes place on the second Saturday of Kiel Week, will take place on Saturday as planned. And like last year, the sailing parade, in which over 120 ships will take part, will be led by the barque Alexander von Humboldt II. The leading ship with the distinctive green sails is divided into several groups, followed by the other participating ships.

And something else has been carried over from last year: the traditional windjammer parade during Kiel Week is a “windjammer sailing parade for everyone” again this year. So private sailors can take part in the parade with their ships again. It does not matter whether it is a modern or traditional ship. However, you had to register in advance to take part in the windjammer parade. The private sailors are then assigned to the various groups, with each group being led by a traditional ship. In addition to the 65 meter long Alexander von Humboldt II, the group lead ships Abel Tasman, Albert Johannes, Mare Frisium, Swaensborgh and the Thor Heyerdahl will take part in the windjammer parade.

As always, the parade starts at 11 a.m. in Kiel’s inner fjord and heads towards the Friedrichsort lighthouse and the outer fjord. Of course, there is also the opportunity to watch the windjammer parade from land, for example from the Falckensteiner Strand or from the east bank of Kiel. Sailing on one of the numerous participating ships is also possible this year.

Review of the Kiel Week Windjammer Parade September 2020

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