Photo gallery Special Forces Command of the Navy simulates an attack on NATO frigates in the Kiel Fjord on April 3, 2023 with mock raids on several frigates.

The naval ships were five frigates from NATO Task Force 1 (Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 / SNMG 1), which, after leaving the Kiel naval base, were attacked by the special forces of the Navy (KSM) on their way through the Kiel Fjord towards the Baltic Sea became.

Five frigates from Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG 1) were guests at the Kiel naval base over the weekend. On Monday morning (April 3, 2023), the ships left the Kiel naval port for the Baltic Sea. But at the Friedrichsort lighthouse and on the opposite side of the fjord, the special forces of the German Navy had prepared an ambush with several Boomranger speedboats. Here at the Friedrichsorter Enge, a bottleneck in the Kiel Fjord, was the perfect place for an ambush and a reasonably realistic threat situation exercise for the naval ships.

The attacks were accompanied by sirens, announcements and shots with various weapons fired by the crews of the ships attacked by the KSM. Of course, these were only blanks, after all it was an exercise.

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