Due to Corona, the Lübeck Christmas market 2020 on the old town island of the Hanseatic city will not take place this year. The Christmas market was canceled yesterday.

Drinking a mulled wine at the popular Lübeck Christmas market in the run-up to Christmas? That won’t be possible this year. Because due to the ongoing corona pandemic, the Lübeck Christmas market will not take place in 2020. This is what Lübeck’s mayor announced yesterday. And for many, this news was anything but unexpected. After all, numerous smaller and larger cities have already decided that Christmas markets will not take place this year in view of the infection process. And the ever-growing list of canceled Christmas markets in 2020 now also includes the Christmas market in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck, which, with around two million visitors a year, is one of the largest Christmas markets in northern Germany.

Lübeck Christmas market Koberg Ferris wheel

Lübeck Christmas market Koberg Ferris wheel

The showmen and stand owners are particularly hard hit by the cancellation of the Lübeck Christmas market, but also hotels in the Hanseatic city and Lübeck’s retail trade.

The Kiel Christmas market in the state capital, on the other hand, should take place as planned, at least that is the current status. Despite COVID-19 and rising case numbers in the north.

Hallo, ich bin Christian und lebe in Kiel.