Picture gallery: Port of the Baltic Sea resort of Strande after winter storm Tristan in February 2021 on February 8th, 2021 north of the state capital Kiel.

The storm “Tristan” brought northern Germany a good deal of storm, snow and ice at the beginning of February. A very cold easterly wind was also felt in Kiel. However, there was almost no snow, there was more than enough a little further south, for example in Lower Saxony. In addition to the strong easterly wind, there was still high water in the fjord with sometimes heavy waves up to the inner fjord, for example at the Kiellinie and at the seaside resort of Düsternbrook.

Now, almost a week later, the temperatures are just below zero degrees. The sun is shining and there is almost no wind. Perfect conditions for a Sunday stroll in Strande on the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea resort of Strande borders directly on the Kiel district of Schilksee, the northernmost of the districts of Kiel on the west bank of the Kiel Fjord. Due to its proximity to the state capital, Strande in the Rendsburg-Eckernförde district is a popular destination for excursions almost all year round.

Video harbor of Strande

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